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Island FERRY

Five minutes by Ferry to the edge of Europe

Disconnect and reconnect with mother nature. Visit a beautiful island, learn about significant places and extraordinary people, step back in time and discover the local history. Get to know the vibrant community on Valentia Island, relax or be active. Enjoy a unique experience!
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World wonders, exhilarating landscapes and historic sites

Valentia Island is one of Ireland's most westerly points. It lies off the Iveragh Peninsula in the southwest of County Kerry.

Valentia Island Lighthouse

Embrace the rugged southwest coastline, feel the ocean spray on your skin, and be whisked away to a land that time has forgotten with a guided tour of Valentia lighthouse.

Valentia Transatlantic Cable Station

The laying of the Transatlantic Cable is a story of human endurance, science, adventure and genius and is told in the immersive visitor experience at the Valentia Cable Station

Knight's Town

Laid out by Alexander Nimmo in 1830-31, but it wasn’t built until the early 1840’s when the quarry was greatly expanded and the works were moved to Knightstown.